savannahHello! I am Savannah Kearney. I cosplay, teach karate, and am a full-time college student, studying counseling and theatre. I have lived in Lebanon TN all my life, currently as a “newly-wed” with my husband Ethan. My dream is to one day have my own theatre and counseling center. 

I first met Hannah when we were both cast in a play titled “Calling All Zeros.” We hit it off pretty much instantly and quickly became best friends. The two of us were almost inseparable from then on. I heard about Joseph before I met him; Hannah raved about him! (We would stay up nearly all night giggling and talking about him.) When I was finally introduced to him, I could tell, even as young as they were, that they would be together forever. Now with that becoming a reality, I pray for them to have the best possible future together!