Samuel M.

Hello! My name is Samuel Moreira. I’m from Fortaleza, Brazil. Fortaleza is a city on the northeast coast of Brazil, known for its amazing beaches, for its friendly people, and for its “summer that never ends.” I am passionate for the church of Christ everywhere! My dream is to help establish, support, and grow churches and pastors around the world. I have been involved in ministry since I can remember, but I also love graphic design and engineering, which is my major at Oral Roberts University.

I met Joseph and Hannah during a prayer set at ORU. I think the best friendships grow during moments of intense prayer, haha! I saw something special from God in Joseph and Hannah’s lives since the first day, especially in the way they worship God and relate to people. They are REAL followers of Christ who aren’t afraid to live for Him! Their passion for people and Jesus drew us close, prompting uncountable hours of prayer and fellowship together. I’m thankful for this inspiring life they live for Jesus! I can’t wait to celebrate their special wedding with them!