jonathanGreetings! My name is Jonathan (or, in some cases, Jon) Lopez. 

I am a web-cartoonist and have been since about 2007, back when Joseph and I shared a YouTube channel (which is a barren wasteland now). 

Back in 2010, I created a series named “The Crappy Adventures of Michael and James” (later shortened to “Michael and James” after constant pestering from our mum) which I developed with Joseph, and am still producing episodes today. (Joseph also voiced Michael and James’ dad.)

I guess I’d say my passion is to create quality entertainment with the limited resources I have access to.

I even have some ideas for some Christian series and films, just to show that religious entertainment doesn’t have to be pretentious, close-minded crap.

I am Joseph’s first younger brother and have had an interesting relationship with my brother over the years, as he ranges from being my early childhood “bully,” to my older brother who everyone ignored me for, to a voice actor for my series, and to an on-and-off best friend. When Joseph initially left for ORU, I felt lost and was worried I would forever lose a close friend that I felt I took for granted up to that point. (And the fact that he got busy with a lady-friend and that I was severely unconfident in my social skills didn’t help.)

But I increasingly became more independent socially since he left and grew more proud of his accomplishments and the connections he made for both himself and me, and I couldn’t be more thankful!