Ha, well, funny story: We actually are only serving various desserts at our wedding. So, we encourage everybody to eat some dinner before the wedding, and then dessert is on us!

No problem! Feel free to enjoy the dessert buffet, photo booth, and other fun things during the reception. There is more to the reception than just music!

If you consider instrumental music secular, then yes. If you do not, then no. But, at the same time, we will not be dancing our hearts out to “God’s Great Dance Floor” either. We are aiming to have a good balance when it comes to the music played.

Neither. We encourage all guests to dress up, but not “black tie” formal. We encourage a balance between casual and ultra-formal.

Unfortunately, we absolutely have to have an age restriction beginning at age thirteen. We have to do this because of the limited space of the venue, not because we hate kids! So, we ask for our guests to not bring any children under the age of thirteen to the event. Again, this is because of space.

If the “B” stands for “Bible,” then yes! We are having a “dry wedding.” I mean, the bride and groom aren’t even legally eligible to drink anyway!

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding will NOT be at Joy Church. The wedding will be at The Mill at Lebanon, located at 300 North Maple Street, Lebanon, TN 37087.

Unless your bedtime is at 5pm, it shouldn’t be an issue. The wedding starts at 7:00 and should last until 10:00-10:30. This, of course, includes the reception.

Parking is at the venue. In fact, we will actually have a parking usher directing where to park. If you are a more “seasoned” individual, then we will have reserved parking for you near the entrance of the venue. So, don’t fret! We will make sure you are taken care of!

The after party (reception) will actually be at The Mill at Lebanon as well! It’s a big space, and it can comfortably accommodate both the ceremony and reception.

Hopefully not much! We are striving for a balance between a meaningful and short ceremony! You won’t need to bring any snacks to keep you occupied. It shouldn’t be overbearingly long.