Hi, my name is Evan Ramasawmy. I’m from a small island off the east coast of Madagascar, named Mauritius. I’m the second oldest in a family of five kids. My parents are owners of a group of companies in Mauritius, which involve a  textile factory and a number of franchises of famous brands (like Diesel and Arrow). My dream is to somehow walk in my parents’ footsteps, helping people though business to satisfy their needs, striving for innovation.

The first time I met Joseph and Hannah was in the school Chic-Fil-A, right after an international prayer set (a time where us international students gathered to worship and pray together). After that, we quickly became friends, with me eventually having  a couple classes with Joseph. Soon, we became really good friends, eventually leading me to be Joseph’s roommate this past year. I’m honored and happy to be a part of this ceremony and celebration of Joseph and Hannah’s wedding. They are a couple I love dearly and look up to.